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Olga Sviblova

Olga Sviblova, curator. Photo by ©Vladimir Fridkes
Olga Sviblova, curator. Photo by ©Nikolai Bakharev
Olga Sviblova, curator. Photo by ©Nikolai Bakharev

Director of Moscow House of Photography Museum and 'Multimedia Art Museum'.
Born in Moscow.


Moscow State University, Psychology Faculty,
PhD in psychology (thesis on psychology of art)

From the beginning of 1980s — Russian underground art's curator and critic

1987 — 1995 Organizer of the first 'Festival of Soviet Underground Art' in Finland
Curator of Russian and foreign art-exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including Donald Judd's personal exhibition
Author and Director of documentaries:
“12, Krivoarbatskiy Pereulok”: on the life and work of Russian architect Konstantin Mel'nikov (1st prize at the International Festival of Architectural Films, Lausanne, 1989)
“Black Square” — on Russian underground art of 1953-1988s with participation of Ilya Kabakov, Eric Bulatov, Vladimir Yankyilevsky, Eduard Steinberg, ect. (the Paris Critics prize at Cannes Film Festival, 1988; 'Gold Plate' at Chicago Documentary Film Festival, 1989; 1st prize at the First All-Soviet Documentary Film Festival; 1st prize in Bombay,
1st prize in Rotterdam, Special prize in London)
“In Search of Happy Ending” (1st prize at the Pompidou Centre Documentary Films Competition, 1992)
“Dina Verni” (Prize at the UNESCO Film Festival in Paris, 1996)
1990 —1996 President of the “End of Century's Art” association
1996 Founder and Director of the Moscow House of Photography Museum
1996 Organizer and art-director of The International Month of Photography in Moscow “Photobiennale”
1999 Organizer and Art-director of The Moscow International Photography Festival “Fashion and Style in Photography”
2001 Director of 'Multimedia Art Museum', founded on basis of Moscow House of Photography Museum
2006 Winner of the First Government Award in Actual Arts “Innovation” as the best curator of the year for project “Invasion” presented at the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2005
2007 Curator of Russian Pavilion Project “CLICK I HOPE” at 52nd Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art, Italy

Lives and works in Moscow and in Paris.

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