• Yuri Albert
  • Nikita Alexeev
  • Yuri Avvakumov
  • Konstantin Batynkov
  • Alexei Politov and Marina Belova
  • Alexander Brodsky
  • Alexei Buldakov
  • Olga Chernysheva
  • Vladimir Dubossarsky & Alexander Vinogradov
  • Andrei Filippov
  • Dmitri Gutov
  • AES+F Group
  • Alexei Kostroma
  • Julia Milner
  • MishMash project (Misha Leikin & Masha Sumnina)
  • Andrei Molodkin
  • Nikolai Polissky
  • Alexander Ponomarev
  • Sergei Shutov
  • Haim Sokol
  • Vladimir Tarasov
  • Rostan Tavasiev
  • Leonid Tishkov

Russian Dreams


Russian Dreams
Bass Museum of Art
2121 Park Ave. (in Collins Park)
Miami Beach, FL 33139 Download the article

Opening reception. Features works by contemporary Russian artists, including AES + F Group, Alexander Ponomarev, Dmitri
Gutov, Alexei Kostroma and Olga Chernysheva. The exhibition explores Russian art's evolution from the pre-Glasnost era to the
present day; runs through Feb. 8, 2009
Thu., Dec. 04


Beginning 12/4

Around Town Magazine
CalenZine of The Arts

December 4, 2008

Beginning 12/4 Download the article

Russian Dreams Featuring a selection of cutting-edge works by contemporary artists from Russia, the exhibition explores Russian art's evolution from the pre-Glasnost era to the present day. Russian Dreams is a collaboration between the Bass Museum of Art and the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow. Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach 305.673.7530 www.bassmuseum.org

VernissageTV attended the Russian Dreams…

VernissageTV attended the Russian Dreams… preview party and shot footage of the exhibition. They developed a short highlights reel which featured Democracy, Chusala, and Feathering Aggression, among other pieces. VernissageTV films opening receptions of exhibitions and events and provides insight into the social side of the world of contemporary art, design, and architecture. RSA provided them with information about the show.
To view the clip, please visit: http://vodcast.web.de/channel/view/379/52035

MIAMI MADNESS (Artnet.com)

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Opening Dec. 4 at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach is "Russian Dreams," a show developed in partnership with Moscow’s culture ministry. The exhibition presents artworks dating from before the fall of Communism to the more lunatic trends of today. Curated by Olga Sviblova, director of Moscow’s Multimedia Art Museum, "Russian Dreams" includes highlights like AES+F’s video of corpses clad in designer dresses floating over a catwalk, and a motorized, feather-covered cannon by Alexei Kostroma.

Bass Museum debuts 'Russian Dreams' for Art Basel (The Miami Herald)

Posted on Friday, 12.05.08 Download the article

Here may be proof that the Cold War really is over, folks, despite the recent buzz from conspiracy theorists about a new Russia-Cuba-Venezuela alliance: A daily complimentary cafecito cubano made by Bustelo is being served to art patrons flocking to the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach to see the exhibition Russian Dreams.

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